Citi Card Login, Payment, Activate and Customer Service

Customers with Citibank cards may access a wide range of services via the card’s internet banking system. Citibank cardholders may access their card statement and the list of unbilled transactions on their card on the bank’s netbanking platform. Paying payments and managing card accounts with Citibank may both be done online, with customers able to change their limits and disable their cards for certain transactions. With Netbanking, you may access your accounts from virtually anywhere at any time, making it one of the most convenient ways to manage your finances. Continue reading to discover more about using your Citibank Card to access your online banking.

Citi Card Login

Set up an online account with your Citi Custom Cash card. Click “Register for Online Access” and enter your card number, birthday and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number or Tax ID number to validate your card account.
Choose a username and a password for your Citi Custom Cash card.. Only special characters and numbers are permitted in the username, which must fall within a character range of five to fifty. A minimum of one letter and one number, but no more than two consecutively identical characters, must be included in the password. The password is not case sensitive and may contain unusual characters.
Use your new Citi Custom Cash card credentials to access the site! Fill up the User ID and Password boxes on the Citibank website or mobile app with your new credentials and click “Sign On” to gain access to your Citibank account.
Online account management for your Citi Custom Cash card will be available to you after you have joined up and logged in. Account details, such as passwords and automated payments, may be changed, as well as the ability to pay card bills, see card statements and keep track of account activity online.

Choose a Citi Card Wisely

Finding the ideal card for your requirements may be overwhelming—especially when, even if you decide to remain with one bank, you’re confronted with this many great alternatives. If you think all cards are created equal, you’re wrong. For example, some cards give incentives, others offer special balance transfer APRs and some offer neither. Different cards provide different sorts of bonuses.

Potential cardholders should analyse their purchasing patterns and budget before picking a card that provides rewards. This will let them identify which card best corresponds with their spending patterns. Those contemplating applying for a Citi card should also compare perks with cards outside of the Citi network as cards from one issuer typically provide variants on a theme with various advantages and another issuer’s version may be a better match for your unique spending patterns.

Understanding Your Bank Statements

Access to account history is a cinch thanks to Citibank’s web platform. For transactions, utilise the bottom part of your Account Details page. Citibank also offers the Spend Summary, which helps you select your transactions by category and time period.

Visit your Account Details page and click the “see picture” link to get an image of the paid checks. You’ll find the photographs next to the check transactions.

Payment Options

You may make payments, check planned transactions and explore balance transfer options with the Citi Mobile app. You may also set up, track and control automatic payments.

In addition to assisting you with account payments, the Citi Mobile app connects you to Citi Flex Pay, a feature on selected cards that allows you to pick qualifying items and pay them off in regular instalments at a fixed, advantageous interest rate. You may also add your Citi card to Apple Pay, PayPal, Click to Pay or your Amazon account, using the card control hub under “Services.”



If your Citi card includes cash back benefits, you may view and redeem them via the Citi Mobile app.


If your Citi card provides ThankYou® rewards points, you can view your points balance on the Citi Mobile app, but may need to visit the Citi ThankYou® website to redeem your points or fully explore programme perks.

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