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A question about the Costco Citi Card.
Citi’s Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card is geared for local and small businesses.

Customers may maximise their membership benefits by using this credit card to receive cash back on purchases made everywhere Visa is accepted. This includes purchases made at Costco and, as well as in restaurants, on qualified travel purchases, and more.

Costco Citi Card Login

Please follow these instructions to register an account and log in;


First, please use the login button below to access the Costco Citi Card Login page.

Second, fill in your Username and Password in the blanks below.

Then, after entering your PIN, click the “Sign In” button to finish logging in with your Costco Citi Card.

URL of the login Page


Where Can I Sign Up for a Citi Costco Card?

In order to sign up, please proceed as described below.


To begin, please enter the registration page by clicking the link below.

Then, you may proceed to fill out the necessary information, which may include a credit card number, debit card number, or bank account number for a Paycheck Protection Program loan.

Once you’ve done that, go to site registration by clicking “Continue Set Up.”


Obtaining Incentives

Only Costco members can use this card. They will receive 4% cash back on qualifying petrol purchases up to $7,000 annually, and then 1% beyond that. Customers may get 3 percent cash back on dining and travel purchases and 2 percent cash back on anything else. Visa, Citi, and Costco all agreed that a gas station qualified for gas if it was classified as such by the former. Some purchases are not eligible for the Rewards Program.


You can only get cash back if you buy petrol at Costco or a Costco-affiliated gas station. When you fill up at a convenience shop, you’ll get a 4 percent rebate, but at any other retailer, you’ll only get 1 percent back. You must visit a petrol station that Visa classifies as a convenience shop in order to receive cash back. With the Costco Card, you may earn bonus rewards at restaurants and on select travel purchases. Some examples are cruises, auto rentals, and airfare, as well as other travel-related purchases made at Costco.


In addition to restaurants, hotels and travel bureaus are wonderful venues to make these sorts of purchases and receive a cash rebate. If you’re not qualified for additional cash back, you’ll just earn 1% back on your trip purchases. Some examples of such services are timeshares, campers, B&Bs, railroads, and other forms of public transportation. The bakeries, cafés, and restaurants at department stores and warehouse clubs will pay their employees only one percent of their earnings.

Learn the steps to getting your Costco credit card up and running.

Your credit card is not used until activation has been completed. The activation procedure may be finished in its entirety over the web. Read the steps below and comply with them.

Citibank Costco Login

First, head over to the site itself, where you’ll find the Sign In form, and from there select the Activate a card option.


Second, on the following screen, enter your credit card number and then click the Continue option.


Third, give your credit card details on the next page. If you insert a card into the system, it will look through the database for matching information. The moment the verification is complete, your Costco credit card will be ready for use.


Citibank Costco Login statement asks me how to make an online payment.

If you have a Costco Credit Card, you may choose from several convenient payment options.


With an i-Citi account, you may access the “Make a Payment” section after logging into your online Citi card account. Put in your payment information and complete the transaction. In order to make a purchase, you must add a checking or savings account. To make a payment with your Costco credit card, just click the link to access the online payment portal.


There is also the option of setting up automatic payments, which may be done quickly and conveniently on the website. Simply fill out the necessary information on the Automatic payment page and submit it. After you set up automatic payments, your bank account will be automatically deducted each month to pay your credit card bill.


The ii-through the Citi mobile app method is very much like making an internet payment. Simply get the Citi mobile app on your phone. After that, click the Payment tab and finish off the transaction.

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