Find Best fixed rate bonds: Compare best savings rates for fixed term accounts

Nothing like this can be found on the internet. They are autonomous and suppliers are not obliged to pay to advertise, which is generally the case with major comparison sites.

Find Best fixed rate bonds

They are absolutely neutral – we just show the best rates around and don’t offer ‘featured specials’.

Compare best savings rates for fixed term accounts

We’ve also taken things a step further. In order to be included in our list of the best values on variable rate savings accounts, an account must provide quick access to your funds and have no stipulations.

In the past we have declined to include accounts when the rate is increased by a short-term bonus or those with over-restrictive terms so you only receive the advertised rate if you make three or less withdrawals a year.

But with interest rates so low, most of today’s greatest packages have some type of provision built in, whether that’s a bonus or a restriction on withdrawals.

As a result, we’ve incorporated respectable bonuses, as long as they persist for at least a year after the employee starts working. When your short-term bonuses expire, you won’t have to change your account frequently.

If there is a limit on withdrawals we have made this explicit in the notes on each account.

For the same reason, we don’t bother with traditional “notice” accounts, where a bank or building society might need up to six months’ notice before changing the rate on a withdrawal.

All banks and building societies are registered with the Financial Services Authority and signed up to the Financial Services Compensation Program, either directly (covering up to £85,000) or via its passport scheme (where the compensation maximum depends on the bank’s home country. In Europe, the same amount is €100,000.

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