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Salesforce Login – login – Visit the URL to enter your Salesforce Customer ID and Password to access your Salesforce account. Enter your user name and password at the salesforce customer secure login page to log in. Neither spaces nor any other characters are allowed in the password.

Salesforce Login

Salesforce Login – login When you first sign up for a Salesforce account, will send you a welcome email at the address you provided. This email will contain information about the Salesforce website as well as your SFDC login details.

Sign into your email account and double-check your password.
When you click the link in the email, you’ll be sent directly to
Users must now choose a password and security question and answer to access Salesforce.
When a user’s salesforce password is forgotten, a security question can be utilised as an alternative means of authentication.

Authorizing an agent’s login

For a limited time, an administrator can use the login credentials of a user or customer to access their account. Salesforce’s user authorization and limitations feature makes it easy to see if a user’s profile is restricted in any way, such as by an IP address range or business policy.


In accordance with the subscriber’s chosen plan, an agent can grant additional instances of the login portal’s use. As a result, the time range it provides access to might be as little as one or three days or as long as a year and 207 days. login


Salesforce Login – login One must navigate to name and look for the “My Settings” option to enable such access for users. When located, a mouse click must be made. To avoid having to use public restrooms, this is a viable choice. You may now acquire “Grant Account Login Access” by clicking this tab.

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Once opened, a user can login and change the “Access Duration” to a value appropriate to their plan.


If more assistance is needed, the agent will provide authorization to contact the company’s administrator and support staff. There is a timer that can be adjusted by clicking the timer’s alter button.




After finishing all these steps and saving the changes, one should head to Users. Users may be accessed from the administrator page, which can be accessed by clicking setup. A user may access their account settings by selecting the Manage Users tab. Accessing the site with a user login and making necessary changes is facilitated by clicking the Users tab.

Lightning Access to Salesforce
To access Salesforce, all you need is a Lightning login. Whether you’re using the Lightning or Classic User Interface, you may still access your account. Visit (the Salesforce Lightning login page) or a user-specified URL (My Domain Login Policy) login with your company’s credentials; the URL may look like this.

The next step is for you to input your login information.

You may also utilise the trailhead module to improve your Lightning Salesforce login experience.

Clarify Salesforce Lightning login with a how-to video:

Admin Access to Salesforce
You need to click the Setup menu, then type “Users” into the “Quick Find” field, and then choose “Users.”
Salesforce Admin login as a user is only available with Enterprise Edition and above. Select the user whose login you want to use and then click the login button.

To Access the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Enter Your Login Details Here
Visit to activate your Marketing Cloud Salesforce login. Along with your Marketing Cloud account details. It’s possible that your Salesforce account details and MC account credentials are different.


what is salesforce – salesforce trailhead – salesforce crm – salesforce marketing cloud

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