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An official Skylight ONE card with an official payroll card programme, the SkylightPayCard may be used for payroll transactions. SkylightPayCard Login account services are available to customers who wish to pay for goods and services at retail establishments, petrol stations, and restaurants using their SkylightPayCard.

In addition, cardholders can pay online or over the phone as per their desire even using Visa or Mastercard debit cards. With the official help and portable SkylightPayCard App, consumers have entirely safer access to their cash anywhere without queuing or paying checks or even visiting the bank premises.

SkylightPayCard Login

After you create your Netspend SkylightPaycard account, you may check in at any time to verify your card account, examine transaction history, pay bills, and more. The login method for the Netspend card portal is as follows:

Customers can log in to their Skylight ONE online account by going to and clicking the “Login” link in the middle.
Enter the username and password generated after registration into the Login interface.
Account-holders can remember their login information by selecting the “Remember Username” tab in order to access the portal much more conveniently later by using the same device.
Click on the “Login” option to access your SkylightPayCard Login account.
Account-holders may readily access their accounts if their login credentials matched those on the official server. Users have allowed access to the SkylightPayCard Login Account, which may be used for the following purposes:

SkylightPayCard :Verify the payment information

Receipt and acknowledgement of receipt of account information.
You may send money, make transactions, or make deposits at any moment with easy access to your saved accounts.
You can move money from one cardholder to another by using the capital transfer option.
Make the last payment and start saving for the future with simple online budgeting tools.
You may conveniently pay your invoices online by using the billing directory.

Follow The Directions That Have Been Provided Below Procedure For Card Activation
To activate your SkylightPaycard card, go to to access the official site using any web browser such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
“Activate/Register” is marked in blue on the homepage. To proceed, simply click on it.
In order to activate your card, click the “Active Card” button, which is located at the bottom and top of the page. You can select one.
Enter the “Security Code” and “Card Number” on the back of your SkylightPaycard card on the following page.
Click Next to continue.
To complete the activation, simply follow the on-screen instructions.
Check Withdrawal Updates With Below Steps
There are several methods for finding out where your money is going:

It is possible to get bilingual assistance by dialling 1-877-814-7679.
Visit and click “Register”.
Use the SkylightPaycard app on your Android or iOS mobile device.
You may text ‘BAL’ to 22622.
You may also check your balance at any ATM.
Can we deposit money on a SkylightPaycard card?
With an unique SkylightPaycard card, transactions in stores, online, or at restaurants by phone are always free.
An FDIC-insured bank receives the funds.


Cash may be withdrawn from a variety of ATMs around the country using a SkylightPayCard. Cardholders may monitor their SkylightPayCard balance, transactions, and deposits on the go with notifications.

Cardholders may instantly send money to other SkylightPayCard app users by using the bank transfer tool. Activation, verification of login credentials, and accessibility via the login site are all requirements for using the card account.

One of Regions Bank’s registered agents is Netspend, a worldwide payments provider. Contact us using the comments below for further pertinent information.

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